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University of Arkansas Team Takes Top Prize at JOLT Cyber Challenge


More than 150 participants stretched their cyber skills and critical thinking abilities During the weekend-long JOLT Cyber Challenge held in Little Rock.

Only one team, though, could take home the top prize, which went to the University of Arkansas team, “That Team Over There.” The University of Arkansas student team garnered the most points during the event.

The JOLT Cyber Challenge tasked participants with a number of teambuilding challenges and puzzles designed to test their cyber skills. The challenge focused on multiple areas of cybersecurity, including “remote access exploits, web vulnerabilities, code-breaking, physical security, privilege escalation, reverse engineering, code manipulation,” according to a Venture Center release.

Wayne Miller, executive director of the Venture Center, says the JOLT Cyber Challenge is a vital element of Arkansas’ tech landscape, serving as a talent funnel, networking opportunity and community-building project.

“One of the reasons the JOLT Cyber Challenge is important to our state is because it allows us to showcase our local tech talent, and encourage networking with other tech professionals, building a strong Arkansas tech community. It’s a weekend to educate participants on the many tech opportunities we have right here in Arkansas so we can keep our talent here and help Arkansas tech companies fill their jobs.”

The next JOLT Cyber Challenge has already been scheduled. It is set for Oct. 16-18, 2020.

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