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From the Publisher: Introducing AY Media Group

AY Media Group
AY Media Group

Heather Baker

We are nearing the end of 2019, and that means Arkansas Money & Politics is geared up and ready for 2020. 


In preparation for the year ahead, our company will now be completely under the umbrella of AY Media Group. This name change is due in part to the impressive growth we’ve had in all aspects of our company. This means we can reach farther and higher, writing the stories that matter and making sure advertisers have multiple print and digital platforms by which to share success, educate, network and brand their businesses.


Armed with a new editorial calendar and new, exciting features and events on our agenda, we look forward to growing this print publication to an even broader audience. 


Taking on health care as a new focus in 2020, AMP will begin digging into current issues, legislation and talking points in the Arkansas health-care landscape. The topic has implications across industries, workforce and politics — our main focuses here.


As we enter the month of Thanksgiving, we are thankful for this incredible opportunity in AMP to highlight and expand on business and political feature stories that have everything to do with our great state. Arkansas is where many industries converge — it being an ideal distribution state in middle America. It is the crossroads for the American workforce in manufacturing, agriculture and big business boasting names like Walton, Stephens and Dillard among them.


We at AMP believe the future is in Arkansas, and we always invite you to be a part of the ride.


If you want to tell your business story, get in front of decision-makers across any of our monthly pillars, or if you have a story idea, I welcome your queries, calls and questions at 

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