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Public Schools Receive Almost $7 Million in Recognition Funding

Little Rock

Gov. Asa Hutchinson and the Arkansas Department of Education recently announced that almost $7 million will be awarded to 175 public schools throughout the state as part of the Arkansas School Recognition Program.

The total amount distributed through the program will be $6,999,963.62.

The Arkansas School Recognition Program provides awards to the top 10 percent of schools that achieve high student performance on the state required assessments in grades 3 through 10. Awards are also given to the top 10 percent of public schools that achieve high student academic growth, which includes high school graduations rates where applicable.

The awards that Hutchinson and the ADE have announced are based on assessment information and performance from the 2017-18 school years and the graduation rates from the 2016-17 school year.

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“This is a great day for 175 schools in Arkansas,” Hutchinson says. “I am proud of the leadership of the educators. I am thankful for the support of the parents and communities, which is vital for this level of success. And I applaud the students who have worked so hard and earned their way into the top 10 percent. Congratulations to the Bismarck School District, which achieved reward status at all three levels.”

After receiving recognition funds, schools are required to form committees to determine how to use the funds. The funds must be used for faculty and staff bonuses, educational equipment and materials, or personnel to assist with improving or maintaining student performance. The committees must include a principal, a teacher and a parent representative.

To view the full list of school and award amounts, click here.

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