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Marianne Williamson Discusses Presidential Campaign, Platform


Marianne Williamson

by Ryan Nix

Last week at the World Woman Summit, Oprah’s spiritual advisor, social activist and Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson appeared as a keynote speaker. After following Heifer International CEO Pierre Ferrari up an escalator, our reporter covering the summit walked right into Williamson and her team, who were preparing for her speech. 

When asked what her strategy going forward will be after not being featured in recent debates, Williamson replied that her campaign’s main thrust will be hitting the bricks in Iowa and New Hampshire after Thanksgiving. “I’m going to talk with people directly there and say what I believe, to the best of my ability,” says Williamson.

Williamson believes this direct communication is vital to the continuation of her candidacy. “Since that ‘Oh, she’s a whacko crystal lady’ narrative was created to make sure I was off the stage, my main goal has been pushing my own narrative, to let people see who I really am and what I think,” says Williamson. 

The stage she refers to are the 2020 Democratic presidential debates, the participants of which have slowly been halved based off polling results and amount of individual donations. Williamson met the fundraising threshold, but not the polling minimum. “It’s all to keep things within this incestuous club, it’s honestly undemocratic and it didn’t work last time,” says Williamson, who believes that if the DNC had kept its thumb off the scale, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton would have won.

Williamson also hopes her different, more unconventional set of policy goals will help distinguish her from the field of candidates. The first plank of her platform is fairly standard; she aims to overrule Citizens United v. FEC with a constitutional amendment, calling the new influx of dark money into politics “the cancer underlying all other cancers.” 

Williamson also plans to establish new departments in her administration, starting with a Department of Children and Youth, meant to address the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by our children, as well as to alleviate the collective trauma of school shootings. Williamson also channeled Dwight Eisenhower, expressing a need to end the domination of the military-industrial complex through administrative means. “In addition to being prepared for war, I think we also need to wage peace. You don’t just take medicine, you also cultivate health.”

In pursuit of these goals, Williamson has stated her intention to create a cabinet-level Department of Peace, aiming to consolidate peace-building and violence-reducing efforts. It will also establish a Peace Academy, where students will receive a 4-year concentration in peace education and go on to serve in programs dedicated to domestic and international nonviolent conflict resolution. Ideally, this new department would mitigate the influence of the United States union between military and defense contractors. “… Short term profits for huge defense contractors dominate our national security agenda in a way that is irresponsible towards our children and grandchildren,” Williamson says.

Williamson also expressed her frustration with the media’s lack of attention towards foreign policy. “It’s such an obvious example of how corrupted everything truly is; Tulsi Gabbard and I are the only people who even talk about that,” says Williamson, referring to her plans of reducing the military’s budget, “The debate moderators and media don’t go near anything serious and meaningful about America’s presence in the world and foreign policy.” Williamson believes this is part of an effort to control Americans, and prevent a more wide and robust culture of thoughts and beliefs. “You remember Stepford Wives, well we’ve become Stepford Citizens, we only talk about what we’re told to.”

In her later speech to the World Woman assembly, Williamson further outlined her platform, including a mass mobilization to reverse climate change, revamping the healthcare system to promote health in all areas, and to provide reparations for the descendants of slaves in the United States. 

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Image courtesy of Marianne Williamson’s presidential campaign

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