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Tyson Foods Forms New Venture to Market Animal By-Products


A Tyson Foods’s beef and pork subsidiary is launching a new venture to tap into the worldwide fats and oils market.

The subsidiary, Tyson Fresh Meats, is partnering with Jacob Stern & Sons, Inc. on the venture, the terms of which are currently not being disclosed. The companies have formed JST Global LLC for the venture.

“Jacob Stern and Tyson Fresh Meats have enjoyed a strong relationship for over 50 years. Combining Tyson’s vast supply of animal fats with Jacob Stern’s Texas operations is a natural evolution and positions JST Global to meet growing worldwide demand,” Phil Bernstein, Chairman, Jacob Stern & Sons, said in a statement.

Jacob Stern & Sons is a privately-owned specialty agricultural importer and exporter. The company is reportedly the largest processor and marketer of animal fats in the United States and is a major customer for Tyson Fresh Meats’ products – which include animal by-products.

JST Global is set to conduct all of Tyson Fresh Meat’s animal fat marketing. Jay Van Valen will serve as CEO for JST Global; Van Valen was previously the president of Jacob Stern & Son’s Texas division. He will be based in Houston.

“With a secured supply, JST Global is strongly positioned to address the global demand for commodity and value-added animal fat,” Van Valen said. “JST Global’s scale and broad capabilities are key differentiators that will allow us to deliver customized solutions, particularly in highly specialized markets such as renewable energy.”

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