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Titans of Tech in Arkansas: Charles Morgan

Charles Morgan

Charles Morgan, First Orion

Your phone rings. You pick it up, seeing a number you don’t recognize. In the past, this was normal and you’d typically answer to see who was calling. Unfortunately these days, every call from an unknown number has a good chance of being a robocall.

These spam calls not only irritate consumers, they potentially harm legitimate businesses trying to reach customers. Little Rock’s First Orion contributed a little Arkansas innovation to provide comprehensive, groundbreaking solutions to protect businesses and customers from these aggravating spammers.

The company was founded in 2008 by Charles Morgan, the legendary Acxiom co-founder. Though it hasn’t achieved Acxiom’s $1 billion global reach, First Orion has reached more than 85 million consumers worldwide through the PrivacyStar call-blocking app which blocks an average of 50,000 spam calls per minute. It employs more than 200 workers and boasts more than 25 patents.

Many consumers may benefit from First Orion’s work and not even realize it. If you’ve ever received an incoming call marked, “spam likely,” then your carrier is partnering with First Orion’s AI call-monitoring programs to protect you from scammers. Available for iPhone and Android, the PrivacyStar app offers three levels of protection, utilizing data and mobile network integration in concert with a massive pool of data sources to determine and target scammers. It can be used to block calls from market and political researchers as well.

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