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Three Law Firms Merge to Form McDaniel, Wolff & Benca, PLLC



Three Arkansas law firms have merged to create a new entity: McDaniel, Wolff & Benca, PLLC. First announced in early 2018, the merger has been formally completed.

The three firms that have merged include McDaniel, Richardson & Calhoun, PLLC; Wolff & Ward, PLLC; and Benca & Johnston, PLLC. The founding partners for the new firm include former Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, Scott Richardson, Bart Calhoun, Rufus E. Wolff, Vincent M. Ward, Patrick Benca and Jessica Duncan Johnston.

“So, in addition to a national attorney-general practice, state public-policy practice, civil litigation, education law — kind of the meat and potatoes of our law firm — we’ll be adding really complex business representation, real estate and tax work from Wolff & Ward,” McDaniel told Arkansas Money & Politics in an interview. And I think Patrick Benca is the most successful, sophisticated and distinguished criminal defense lawyer of our generation … It’s going to be an even more diverse and exciting array of services that we’ll be able to offer individuals and business clients both here in Arkansas and around the U.S.”

“By coming together, this merger will generate the synergy to provide an even greater level of service across our practice areas,” Wolff said in a statement.

According to the firm’s website, McDaniel, Wolff & Benca, PLLC will provide services in “complex litigation, tax planning, Attorney General investigations and government relations, criminal law, education law, family law, real estate” and more. McDaniel heads up the government relations and corporate law practice, while Wolff leads the real estate, tax and trust practice for the firm, according to the website. Benca is the lead for the firm’s criminal defense practice.

McDaniel, Wolff & Benca, PLLC will operate out of a new two-story, 7,170-square-foot headquarters, located at the corner of West 4th St. and S. Pulaski Street.

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