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Ted Mullenix Co-founder, President & Lobbyist Mullenix & Associates, LLC



Ted Mullenix is a lobbyist for Mullenix & Associates, a governmental relations and consulting firm he co-founded with Julie Mullenix in 1999. In 1982, he sought election to the Arkansas House of Representatives and defeated an incumbent who had twelve years of service as a member of the state legislature. Mullenix became the first Republican to represent Garland County as a state representative since Reconstruction and served in that seat for 16 years until the term limits law prevented him from running for re-election.

In 1983, Mullenix opened Hot Springs’ first theater, Mullenix Family’s ‘Music Mountain Jamboree Show,’ featuring live music and comedy. For 25 years, the Mullenix family entertained people who came to the show in Hot Springs from all across America. The show gave him a unique opportunity to fulfill his passion of playing music and performing comedy to a live audience.

How did you get into this line of work? Due to the first term limits law passed in Arkansas, I left the legislature in 1998. In January 1999 I founded Mullenix & Associates LLC to provide government relations consulting services. One of the true honors of my life was to serve in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Are there any particular issues you focus on more than others? We are blessed to represent a broad spectrum of clients with diverse issues at State Capitol.

Biggest career accomplishment? I will mention two accomplishments that I rate at the top.

1) Opening and operating the Music Mountain Jamboree Show in Hot Springs for two decades.

2) Having the honor of seeing Mullenix & Associates consistently named as the top lobbying and consulting firm over the last decade.

What do you enjoy most about what you do? I could never do the work I do without my wife, Julie. I am amazed every day at her intellect and her ability to work seamlessly with both our clients and elected officials. We truly enjoy working together and, hopefully, continuing to make a difference for our clients at the state Capitol.

What do you want people to know about you and your firm? Julie and I, along with other members of our team at Mullenix & Associates, strive every day to represent our clients at the state Capitol through hard work, honesty and integrity. We truly respect people who hold elected office by providing fact-driven information to them as Arkansas decision makers. In doing so, we know we help our clients and bring benefit to the state by helping to create an atmosphere that fosters job growth and opportunities.

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