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Inventors of Arkansas: Taco Plate

taco plate


From accelerator programs at the Venture Center in Little Rock to the hosting of a Startup Weekend in Northwest Arkansas, leaders across the state are doing more and more every year to foster bold visions and entrepreneurial spirit. The five inventors we have elected to highlight this month are the reason for that.

There are a plethora of great minds with dynamic and unique ideas in Arkansas, in virtually every industry. But often, the concept itself is the easy part. Diving into entrepreneurialism, turning your life 180 degrees into the unknown, is the hard part. These five homegrown inventors trudged through some of those fears, broke down walls and speed bumps and made their dreams a reality. 

The Taco Plate is a product of Jarratt Industries in Fayetteville. Founded in 2008 by Hugh Jarratt, the company boasts a mission to provide “unique, innovative and convenient products to make your life more enjoyable.” 

The Taco Plate checks all of those boxes. 

The plastic, oval plate features five raised ridges that make it the perfect choice for a meal featuring, well, tacos. The first four ridges form little mini canyons between each of them, creating three distinct holsters for your tacos. As anyone who has attempted to enjoy tacos on a traditional flat plate will know too well, it is a mess. They fall. They crack. They spill. The Taco Plate eliminates those problems by providing a product with the ability to hold each taco upright. 

As if that alone was not enough functionality, obligatory: but wait, there’s more. The fourth ridge separates the entrée (tacos) from the sides. The horizontal fifth ridge separates each of your two sides. So, whether you prefer your tacos with a combination of rice, beans, corn, or queso and salsa, the Taco Plate offers the ability to keep all that delicious food separate, neat and tidy. 

Since Jarratt created the original Taco Plate, the company has expanded to several function-formed food vessel offerings. One of these is the Double Dipper, which is a plastic bowl with an S-shaped ridge through the middle. Following the same concept of the plate, the bowl offers a separation of your dip, from your chips, or carrots, broccoli, strawberries, etc.

All the Jarratt Industries’ plates and bowls come with an assortment of color variations; from flat colors to confetti themed to spice things up. 

Perhaps most notable of the Jarratt Industries offerings are the ones that do not involve its products. In 2015, they began providing one meal for a person in need for each item purchased off their website. To date, they have provided more than 25,000 meals. 

Taco Plates are available online via the Jarratt Industries website and at and 

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