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Startup Spotlight: SupplyPike


SupplyPike is a Fayetteville-based pure tech company that is working to create powerful, efficient supply chains. With a suite of supply chain software, SupplyPike is able to help companies monitor the status of their supply chains and manage relationships with retailers while reducing costs and waste.

In 2013, CaseStack CEO Dan Sanker realized the supply chain industry was not innovating, despite the retail industry undergoing constant change. To solve this, Sanker set up the CaseStack’s Research and Development department, which eventually became SupplyPike. Sanker, along with engineering intern TJ Sangram, began analyzing supply chains, to determine how old problems could be solved with new, modern technologies.

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The Research and Development department became the CaseStack Cloud Services Division, and in 2016, it was spun off to become a separate entity – SupplyPike. As SupplyPike, the company can provide pure technology solutions that are separate from CaseStack’s professional services.

Since those early days, SupplyPike has continued to grow at a rapid pace and has become one of the fastest-growing companies in Fayetteville. After starting out in a cubicle, SupplyPike now adds team members almost every week. Today, the company has 2000 percent employment growth, while maintaining a 98 percent employee retention rate.

Despite its expansion, SupplyPike remains a research and development team at heart. The company’s foundation is improving supply chains by learning about new technologies and putting them to use to make supply chains simpler and more effective.

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