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Startup Spotlight: Engine


One Arkansas startup has its sights set on the future of eCommerce.

Engine, a Fayetteville-based startup, is looking to change how brands and consumers use eCommerce websites. Instead of creating sites where products are simply posted, Engine wants to create unique experiences for consumers.

By anticipating the trends of 2020 and beyond, Engine is readying itself for the next wave of online commerce and bringing that readiness to digital brands today.

Engine is a response to common problems that the company saw in eCommerce brands while running Hayseed Ventures. At Hayseed Ventures, the company invested in over a dozen eCommerce brands, which all experienced problems with cloud hosted eCommerce platforms.

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The team decided to build Engine to solve the problems that were plaguing these commerce sites and which also affect many retail brands.

Engine’s leadership team has designed its platform to be responsive to the needs of digital brands and stores. Many on Engine’s team are veterans of the eCommerce space and have operated stores. This experience allows them to approach online commerce from the perspective of a store operator because they know what works and what doesn’t.

With numerous Fortune 500 companies in the Northwest Arkansas area, Engine is uniquely positioned to impact the future of eCommerce. The presence of these companies is a major draw for startups like Engine, and they plan on staying put in Fayetteville.

Looking forward, Engine plans to keep pushing the boundaries of online commerce and take new risks. With their platform, Engine hopes to enable other risk takers sell their products and promote their brand.

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