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Startup Junkie Consulting Launching Strategic Innovation Arm


Startup Junkie Consulting is launching its latest venture – this time, it is moving into strategic innovation. The consulting group’s new arm, Innovation Junkie, is designed to provide consulting services and strategic insights to larger, established companies.

Founded in 2008, Startup Junkie Consulting has focused on developing startups and entrepreneurial ecosystems. The organization provides an array of workshops, events, consulting services and more.

The new arm is designed to provide similar services on a larger scale. According to Innovation Junkie managing director Jeff Standridge, the new division has been developed in response to a market need from companies who require innovative approaches to their business.

“Innovation Junkie is really a response to the market demand,” Standridge said in a statement. “More and more companies are feeling the pressure of global competition, as well as other industry-specific constraints, and are realizing they must do things radically different if they are to remain relevant and competitive. They know our reputation and the work we do with cutting-edge startups, and they are asking us to bring that same level of focused intensity into their organizations.”

Some of the services Innovation Junkie will offer include corporate innovation services, strategic growth services, and executive and organizational services. These services will be aimed at medium to large-scale companies.

“This is not a one-size-fits-all consultancy,” managing director Jeff Amerine said. “We do not simply plug and play packaged materials. We actually sit down with each potential client, look at where they are currently and what they want to achieve, and then become an extended part of their team to aid in charting the path to success through a series of evaluations, services, and solutions.”  

Innovation Junkie is led by managing directors Jeff Standridge, Jeff Amerine and Brett Amerine.

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