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How to Use Social Media to Market Your Business


(Engine eCommerce) Executed the right way, social media marketing is an exceptional way for e-commerce businesses to increase visibility and drive sales. That’s why it comes as no surprise that, according to Hubspot, 92 percent of marketers believe social media marketing is important to their business.

Knowing which social media channels work best for your business is going to dependant on your brand. You might have a need to use several or even just one. Regardless, you must use intelligent practices when deploying your social media marketing tactics. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time that is precious to your future in e-commerce.

As your developing a strategy for social media marketing or refining what you’re doing now, here are five things to keep in mind:

Know your audience

Like anything else you’re doing to build toward the all-important customer lifetime value, you must constantly remain aware of who your audience is when executing your social media marketing strategy. There really isn’t much of a point in having a social media presence if your business isn’t providing content that resonates with your consumers. It sounds simple, but it’s easier to miss the boat with audience-appealing content than you’d think. It requires consistently keeping your finger on the pulse of your consumers and listening to what they have to say on a daily basis.

Provide engaging content

So you know your audience inside and out — who they are, what they like, and what they want from your brand. That’s a great start, but now you’ve got to leverage that to be engaging on social media. Take what you know about your target audience and push out content that asks a question or conduct a poll to encourage engagement and conversation.

Every social media channel is different so whatever works with one isn’t necessarily going to work with another. But the goal with each of them is essentially the same: engagement. If you’re not finding ways to increase engagement, your social media marketing is lacking.

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