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Inventors of Arkansas: Rocking & Rolling N Blade Solution


Rocking & Rolling N Blade Solution

From accelerator programs at the Venture Center in Little Rock to the hosting of a Startup Weekend in Northwest Arkansas, leaders across the state are doing more and more every year to foster bold visions and entrepreneurial spirit. The five inventors we have elected to highlight this month are the reason for that.

There are a plethora of great minds with dynamic and unique ideas in Arkansas, in virtually every industry. But often, the concept itself is the easy part. Diving into entrepreneurialism, turning your life 180 degrees into the unknown, is the hard part. These five homegrown inventors trudged through some of those fears, broke down walls and speed bumps and made their dreams a reality. 

Richard Nevels invented the Rocking & Rolling N Blade Solution in Sulphur Springs in 2017. He created an attachment head for lawn mowers that serves to replace fixed blades with a safer and more cost-efficient alternative. 

Similar to some of his counterparts, Nevels experienced the need for such a device through his own trial and error. After fighting year after year with rocks, roots and other hindrances, all of which exhibit significant damage to mower decks and blades, he searched the market for a replacement. To his surprise, nothing existed. So, he created it. 

With some help from an engineer, John Tullis, and 3-D printing expert, Jeremy Weinman, Nevels came up with this revolutionary product. 

Essentially, the attachment works in a similar way that you may picture a weed-eater head working. Rather than rigid blades that are susceptible to bending and breaking, the N Blade Solution features a bladeless head that six cutting cords feed through. Once powered up, the head spins, and the cords cut grass and weeds. 

To date, Nevels and his team have conducted more than 120 hours of field testing to perfect his product and are garnering a lot of interest, even at these early stages. The Rocking & Rolling N Blade Solution will work in conjunction with any lawnmower; including deck, zero-turn, push-type, robotic and electric mowers. 

“We are very excited about this out-of-the-box option to fixed blades for creating a much safer mowing environment, while still providing the efficient mowing environment that results in a beautiful and well-manicured lawn,” Nevels says. 

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