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Little Rock Restaurant Ciao Baci Has a New Partner


An iconic Little Rock restaurant has a new partner.

Blair Wallace, a former CJRW account executive, is purchasing Ciao Baci from restaurateur Suzanne Boscarolo. Wallace and Boscarolo will be managing partners of the restaurant.

The deal is effective Monday, July 1.

Located in the Hillcrest neighborhood, Ciao Baci was started in 2001. The restaurant focuses on fresh local ingredients, featuring an array of options on its spring menu from brown butter roasted trout to sweet potato and zucchini curry to a chef’s tasting menu.

While Wallace is tentatively planning to explore improvement projects, her focus will be on maintaining excellence in the restaurant’s dining experience. She plans to highlight the restaurant’s executive chef and his culinary contributions.

“We’re going to be focusing on executive chef, Jeffrey Owen, and want to emphasize how important the food and ambiance are,” Wallace says.

Some things won’t be changing, at all. As Wallace says, the restaurant remains “iconic” and has “the best outdoor patio in Little Rock.”

The purchase is an emotional one for both Blair and Stephanie Wallace. Both previously worked at Ciao Baci, and Stephanie Wallace says, “It’s always had a special place in our hearts.”

Full Disclosure: Wallace is a former senior account executive at Vowell Media Inc. Wallace’s wife Stephanie Wallace is a current account executive at Vowell Media Inc.

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