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AMP Publisher Heather Baker Aims to Empower Youth

Heather Baker

Publisher Heather Baker of Arkansas Money and Politics wowed the crowds yesterday at the 2019 Annual Inclusion 700 Youth Empowerment Summit.  She gave the young people this advice which could apply to any of us at any age.

This is her speech.

“I think a lot about happiness and what it means, I also do a lot of searching on ways that I can create more of it in my life and the lives of those who are around me.

We’re all looking for a sense of meaning and happiness in our lives, so I wanted to share with you a few ways I intentionally bring happiness into my own life.

Passion + Growth + Contribution = Personal Satisfaction aka Happiness!

Will Rockefeller and Heather Baker

  1. Take personal responsibility for your own happiness and know that it is not someone else’s responsibility. Accept other people where they are at this moment and appreciate that they’re doing the best they can.
  2. Document the great things people say to you or about you so you can read them when you forget just how amazing you really are.
  3. Keep an organized list of items you need to accomplish and check them off with pride, which reaffirms to you and others that you’re someone who keeps his/her word and delivers what you promise.
  4. Pay a compliment to someone randomly. If you think someone looks beautiful, tell them, if you like somebody’s shoes, TELL THEM! Think about how good it feels when someone you don’t know pays you a compliment and then go out and be that person!
  5. Fix something at home that’s been annoying you: a button that’s missing, a light bulb that’s out or a drawer that just won’t shut right. These are small wins but well worth the effort.
  6. Do a mini-declutter. Getting rid of stuff that is unused or old opens up space for you and your family.
  7. Help someone! Take someone in need a warm dinner, hold the door or carry a bag. Small acts of kindness often do more for the giver than the receiver.
  8. Choose who you spend your time with. Hang out with people who emit positivity and energize you, not people whose pessimism and negativity drain the life out of you. The person you will be in five years is based on the books you read and the people you surround yourself with today. Always remember that you are a result of the top five people you are around the most.
  9. Make a connection. Send a text or pick up the phone and call someone you’ve lost touch with but are thinking about.
  10. Turn off the TV and get busy. Don’t disrespect your time by wasting it. Happiness is found in GROWTH – and if it isn’t taking you UP, it’s pulling you down. Nothing ever leaves you the same.
  11. Make a deposit into your INTERNAL BANK ACCOUNT. Like learning a new skill, reading a book, intentionally creating a new life experience or stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you’ve never done before.
  12. Be GRATEFUL. Take a moment and write down all of the incredible blessings in your life right now. Even if you’re not where you want to be, there’s a lot we take for granted.

Heather Baker and Dr. Larry Nguyen

With a small amount of intentional effort, you will feel more connected to yourself and the world around you. When you give the language of “HAPPY” to your friends and family and colleagues it is contagious. We all want more passion, excitement, magic moments, fearlessness, freedom to be vulnerable, encouragement and inspiration.

So enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.

What do you do to create more happiness in your life?

What’s one thing you need to take action on in your life?”

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