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Planned Parenthood Opening New Little Rock Health Center


Planned Parenthood is preparing to open a new health center in Little Rock in August. According to organization officials, the move is designed to meet increased patient demand and “address a lack of access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care within the area.”

The new center will be located at 1501 Aldersgate Rd. in Little Rock. Currently, there is a Planned Parenthood location at 5921 W. 12th St.Operations at this location are expected to continue “until further notice,” according to a Planned Parenthood release.

More than 6,500 patients visit the two Planned Parenthood centers currently in Arkansas – one in Little Rock and one in Northwest Arkansas.

“Arkansas is no stranger to barriers to comprehensive health care and sex education, so this is a great opportunity for Planned Parenthood to continue serving the health care needs of this community by providing the care Arkansans truly cannot go without,” said Dr. Janet Cathey, Planned Parenthood Great Plains Director of Transgender Care and Little Rock physician.

However, the organization’s Northwest Arkansas location in Fayetteville is closing at the end of July in preparation for a relocation. The center’s final day is July 25.

“Planned Parenthood Great Plains will be reopening our Northwest Arkansas Health Center in a new location in the coming months,” Dr. Brandon J. Hill, Planned Parenthood Great Plains President and CEO said in the release.

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