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Inventors of Arkansas: Ozark Integrated Circuits


Ozark Integrated Circuits

From accelerator programs at the Venture Center in Little Rock to the hosting of a Startup Weekend in Northwest Arkansas, leaders across the state are doing more and more every year to foster bold visions and entrepreneurial spirit. The five inventors we have elected to highlight this month are the reason for that.

There are a plethora of great minds with dynamic and unique ideas in Arkansas, in virtually every industry. But often, the concept itself is the easy part. Diving into entrepreneurialism, turning your life 180 degrees into the unknown, is the hard part. These five homegrown inventors trudged through some of those fears, broke down walls and speed bumps and made their dreams a reality. 

Ozark Integrated Circuits, Inc., was founded by A. Matt Francis in Fayetteville in 2011. They provide custom integrated circuits solutions for all environments from consumer grade to the extreme.

An integrated circuit is a set of electronic circuits, and these “chips” are now found in virtually all electronic devices – from computers to phones and even home appliances.

Ozark IC, provides their customers with complete customization, as their mission is to provide the best offering to meet a need or solve a problem. As they say, “If you feel like your problem is not easily solved by mainstream technologies, please talk to us.”

The circuits that Ozark IC provide are the densest low-power circuits that operate up to 500° Celsius, or more than 900° Fahrenheit. They can accomplish this by using Silicon Carbide CMOS technology. For reference, the surface temperature of the hottest place in the solar system, the planet Venus, reaches these temperatures. This makes the circuits of Ozark IC ready for not only the conditions of Earth, but our entire galactic neighborhood.

They also have ultraviolet sensors of the highest sensitivity that are patented and can be integrated into monolithic IC solutions. These UV sensors are also able to operate up to 500° Celsius.

Ozark IC’s designs are also fit for extremely cold temperatures of up to -200° Celsius or -328° Fahrenheit.

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