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Arkansas’ Top Influencers 2020: Joe Saumweber, RevUnit

Joe Saumweber

Not unlike Austin and Nashville before it, Northwest Arkansas is a rapidly developing hub of activity, bolstered by multiple Fortune 500 companies and evolving daily with the influx of
new thinking and fresh entrepreneurial talent. 


One such standout here is Joe Saumweber, co-founder of RevUnit, a software company specializing in products that help increase productivity, learning, communication and engagement in the workplace.  


Saumweber, along with co-founder Michael Paladino, has taken the tech community by storm. Under their astute guidance, Bentonville-based
RevUnit has enjoyed double- and triple-digit annual growth since it was founded in 2012. 


He has repeatedly landed the company on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies and Entrepreneur 360’s listing of the best entrepreneurial companies in America. The 100-plus employee firm has also expanded its physical footprint, now operating offices in Las Vegas and Austin. 


In 2018, Saumweber and Paladino were selected the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 2018 Small Business Persons of the Year for the state of Arkansas, adding to a long list of awards and accolades.  


Looking for a way to promote more entrepreneurial success in his own backyard, Saumweber was instrumental in developing Fuel, a 12-week enterprise-ready accelerator matching growth-stage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) startups with key enterprise partners in order to accelerate the development of tangible technology solutions. Formed in partnership with Startup Junkie, Fuel provides mentorship by experienced entrepreneurs, investors and subject matter experts from the largest enterprises and transportation and logistics companies in the world. 


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