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Trey Biddy’s Media Go-To’s and How He Started on DriveTime

Trey Biddy

by Mark Carter

As an industry insider, Trey Biddy doesn’t have much time to absorb local sports media coverage. He does enjoy the conversations and opinions he shares with other media members behind the scenes before and after press conferences and practices. But outside of work, his media consumption is limited.

After all, like Rex in Toy Story 2, he’s lived it.

“I wouldn’t say I’m locked on to anything in particular as a regular because we are already producing the news ourselves,” he says. “So, I look for things I find to be entertaining from a historical standpoint or former players who can also bring an educated or unique opinion.”

That said, Biddy did reveal a few of his local media favorites.

“I listen to pretty much every single one of Bo Mattingly’s [Hogpod] podcasts where they interview former and current Razorbacks or Razorback coaches,” he says. “I just think Bo, Bart Pohlman and Sawyer Radler do a great job with that. They are doing something totally different than what I do.

“I certainly find Mike Irwin entertaining at KNWA, especially our conversations behind the scenes, and he has a long history covering Arkansas as well as Steve Sullivan on KATV. David Bazzel brings great perspective, too. I like the breakdown stuff D.J. Williams puts out, as well as Clint Stoerner.”

And of course, he’s partial to 103.7 The Buzz with whom he’s worked in some capacity for nearly 15 years. Biddy says he always listens at various times of the day while he’s driving. Many Arkansas sports fans were introduced to Biddy through DriveTime Sports, the popular afternoon call-in show on The Buzz. His 20-minute segment airs daily at 5:05 p.m. and is “by far” the station’s most listened-to weekly segment on SoundCloud, according to KABZ-FM general manager Justin Acri.

Biddy indulged us and shared the tale of his journey to DriveTime.

“I started doing daily practice reports on a show called ‘The Huddle’ in Northwest Arkansas with Marty Houston back in the early 2000s. That’s kind of where I cut my teeth as far as being on air. Probably at my second publisher conference in Nashville, where both Rivals and 247Sports are based, Shannon [Terry, founder of both networks] told me I should call local radio stations, tell them I’m an expert and talk to them about doing a segment.

“So, I called Randy Rainwater since he had the biggest show and told him I was a recruiting expert with and would like to do a segment on his show. We scheduled a meet up at the Dixie Cafe in Little Rock to discuss, and he brought me on to do a segment on Wednesdays, along with any time there was breaking recruiting news.

“At that time, Scott Cain, who was with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, was doing the daily practice reports. When Scott changed careers, I called Randy and said, ‘I’d like to take over Scott’s daily practice report role,’ and he agreed. I think that was like 2006, and I had started doing recruiting stuff for them back in 2005 initially. After that first football season, Randy told me he wanted to just start having me on daily throughout the year in the first half of the 5 o’clock hour.

“I’m really thankful to Randy for giving me that opportunity. That is such a popular show, and it has really helped in getting the HawgSports brand out there. I think more people know me from DriveTime than anything else. It’s good to get paid for what I do on there and everything, but the real benefit has been getting the HawgSports name out there to so many ears over the past 13 years. I know it’s valuable, but I have no way of knowing exactly how valuable. Five o’clock is a great time to be on, and whenever we run a promotion, I always see a spike in subscriber numbers after I mention the offer on DTS. Sometimes a dramatic spike if it’s a really good deal.” 

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