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Fayetteville Planned Parenthood Continues to Search for New Home


The Fayetteville Planned Parenthood clinic has yet to identify a new location, and abortions have halted in the meantime.

As previously reported by AMP, Planned Parenthood will move its Fayetteville Health Center to a new building later this summer after reportedly having its lease terminated by a landlord for its current location on Crossover Road.

The lease was terminated by Paradise Point LLC, which owns the complex at 3279 N. Crossover Road. A spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Great Plains said last month that the location would remain open as it searched for a new home. But according to court documents filed Friday, the  abortion provider is withdrawing from a joint effort to block the enforcement of a new state law requiring abortion providers to be board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology.

A hearing is scheduled for later this month on requests for a temporary restraining order or a preliminary injunction to stop the new law, Act 700 of 2019 from being enforced.

Little Rock-based abortion clinic, Little Rock Family Planning Services, continues to pursue an injunction on the law. The clinic has board-certified doctors in obstetrics and gynecology, allowing them to continue conducting abortions.

Fayetteville Planned Parenthood doctors stopped providing abortions last week. The clinic is said to be looking to purchase or lease a new facility in the Northwest Arkansas region.

The Family Council, a Little Rock-based religious lobbying group, tweeted last month that the clinic lost its lease. The tweet included a link to a blog post by leader Jerry Cox that said the landlord’s decision to terminate the lease came on the heels the spring 40 Days for Life campaign in Fayetteville, during which pro-life Arkansans prayed daily outside the Northwest Arkansas abortion clinic.

Established in 1935, Planned Parenthood Great Plains reportedly serves more than 75,000 women annually through 11 health centers in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

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