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FamilyLife Moving to Florida in Summer 2020


FamilyLife, a Little Rock-based faith-based nonprofit, is moving its headquarters to Florida next summer. The organization is moving to Orlando, Fla. to join its parent organization, Cru.

The organization was launched in 1976 as a marriage preparation class designed for Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) staff to use. Since that time, FamilyLIfe has produced Biblical resources, podcasts, radio segments and more. According to FamilyLife President and CEO David Robbins, the company’s ministry has attracted more than 3 million people to events, 1.6 million weekly radio listeners and distribution of resources in more than 100 countries.

“Yet, there is still much to be done. Families are facing more challenges than ever before,” Robbins told Arkansas Money & Politics via email. “At FamilyLife, we believe changing the world starts one home at a time. In order for FamilyLife to reach every family, we need to position and mobilize our resources and people for maximum effectiveness.”

FamilyLife is part of Cru, or the Campus Crusade for Christ International, which is based in Orlando, Fla. According to Cru’s website, FamilyLife has a presence in 109 countries. Cru also operates 5,300 campus ministries around the world.

According to Robbins, the move to Orlando is mean to “position and mobilize our resources and people for maximum effectiveness.”

“Moving to Cru headquarters will provide the space, technology, and global communications—the infrastructure and the atmosphere—to accelerate the effort to impact every home. The Orlando property houses several Cru ministries and provides access to global partners with whom we can collaborate to better understand and engage families. Orlando also offers a strong candidate pool as we expand and recruit people to join us on this important mission,” Robbins wrote to AMP.

David Robbins has served as CEO since December 2017.

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