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Faces of Business: Michael Knollmeyer, Owner Knollmeyer Law Office


The attorneys at the Knollmeyer Law Office strive to be different by putting their clients’ needs first. One of the main ways they do that is by conducting a cost-benefit analysis before they take on any case.

“We are very concerned with being cost- effective for our clients. If we think that the cost will be higher than the benefit to the client, we tell them that at our first meeting,” says firm owner Michael Knollmeyer. “We organize and systematize our procedures to be cost effective for our clients. We charge flat or step fees, and, by limiting the areas of our practice, achieve efficiency, which allows cost effective solutions for our clients.

“Most potential clients are surprised to learn that our services are available on a flat fee and step fee basis. They can be certain of the cost and that we want to minimize the cost.”

Knollmeyer launched his firm in a small office in Jacksonville, Ark., in September 1986. Started on a very small and low overhead basis, it grew naturally over the decades, one client at a time. Today, he practices with associate attorney Lonnie Grimes.
“We really enjoy interacting with our clients and helping them avert disaster,” he says. “Many times it’s an overwhelming situation for them, but we can make it manageable for them.”

His primary areas of law include divorce, bankruptcy and Social Security disability. He was attracted to a legal career after taking an undergraduate business law class.

“I was fascinated by the law and decided to go to law school.”

It has been a solid career choice. He says his greatest professional achievement is earning the respect of clients, the courts and colleagues for several decades.
“It’s earned one case at a time and on the line in every case.”

Honesty from first meeting through the verdict, he says, is the best policy for dealing with clients.

“We do not sugarcoat our evaluations. We do not try to give them the impression if they hire us things will work out better than they really will. We tell them exactly what the odds and possible outcomes are and what the cost will be and how we will handle the case. Over the course of the process, they see that we definitely want to help them all we can, and that we do everything we can to help them.”

Michael Knollmeyer • Knollmeyer Law Office • 501-985-1760 • www.knollmeyerlawofficear.com

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