Magazine October 2019

Faces of Arkansas: Delta Pest Control

Delta Pest

Delta Pest Control is Arkansas’ largest family-owned pest removal agency. But it stands out in another way as well.

Doris Lawrence is majority owner. “We’re the largest woman-owned pest control company in Arkansas,” Doris says.

Doris bought Delta, founded in 1976, with husband Bill in 1984. The couple embarked on a series of major expansions that made Delta the preeminent provider of extermination services all across Arkansas. Bill handles sales while Doris focuses on managerial aspects, insurance and finances.

While Delta specializes in residential pest control, it also provides state-of-the art extermination services for industrial and commercial clients. And that’s not all. After Delta eliminates the pests in your home or business, it has an entire remodeling and renovation division to repair any damage the infestation may have inflicted. Its highly-experienced contractors are also available for non-pest related projects.

Delta Pest Control’s dedication to providing the most technologically advanced and humane extermination services to its customers is why it has become one of the most qualified and well-known companies in the pest removal industry. The Lawrences are especially proud of their newest termite elimination system, Sentricon.

“It’s an in-ground bait system that doesn’t require drilling holes every foot in a house’s base. It’s way more effective and attractive for customers,” says Bill.

Doris adds, “It just shows how we’re constantly working to improve our services for our customers.”

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