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Users Reporting Loading Problems on Facebook and Instagram


Multiple social media apps are experiencing difficulties this morning. The problems are centered around Facebook and a number of sites/apps that the company owns.

The main problem being reported around the web is that pictures are not being displayed properly on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. For example, on Facebook, many pictures are currently displaying as white boxes with a question mark symbol.

On, there have been at least 5,988 reports of problems on Facebook as of 9:45 am. Of that total, 80 percent of the problems were reported to be with pictures, and 11 percent were with the Newsfeed.

Facebook’s issues appear to be spread throughout the Northeast and southern United States. There are also hotspots in Southern California and Europe.

Variety reports that users around the globe are having problems logging into or accessing Instagram. There have been over 11,000 reports of problems at Many of these problems are concentrated in the Northeast United States and Europe, but there are pockets in California and in middle America.

According to HuffPost Audience Editor Becky Barnes, Facebook is aware of the issues and working to resolve them.

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