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DRA Bringing Workforce Training Workshop to Little Rock


by Tyler Hale

In March, the Delta Regional Authority (DR) will be holding a workshop focused on workforce training and education in Little Rock as part of the Delta Workforce Program. The DRA will be holding workshops throughout its eight-state service region.

The Delta Workforce Program is aimed at building “long-term community capacity” as well as increasing the Delta region’s economic competitiveness.

“The Delta Regional Authority is committed to investing in communities to foster comprehensive economic development by supporting job seekers, incumbent workers, and local industry,” DRA Federal Co-Chairman Chris Caldwell said in a statement.  “The Delta Workforce Program technical assistance workshops are the next step in connecting our federal partners and subject matter experts to our rural communities, ensuring their access to critical resources which help strengthen their talent pipeline, create jobs, and improve quality of life throughout the Delta region.”

A sample agenda for the technical assistance workshop lists a range of talks and activities during the workshop. On the agenda, the workshop opens with remarks from Caldwell and DRA program manager Aury Kangelos, followed by a keynote address and a networking break. Afterwards, there is a talk of FOA: Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities, and a discussion called “Lightening Talks.” The final listed activities include a panel on “Creating a Competitive Proposal” and a question-and-answer session.

According to the DRA website, the Delta Workforce Program seeks to invest in areas that have been “negatively impacted by economic transition.” The program is investing in areas by developing workforce pipelines, increasing regional economic development, developing workforce training and more.

As part of the Delta Workforce Program, the DRA is also making $1.5 million in grant funding available, as well as post-award technical assistance.

The technical assistance workshops are complementing a tranche of funding in the National Dislocated Worker Reserve: Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities (WORC) Grants that are aimed at workforce training. The WORC grant funding amounts to $29.2 million.

The Little Rock workshop will be held on March 12, 2020. Registration for the event is required.

Additional workshops will be held in Cape Girardeau, Mo. on Feb. 25; Carbondale, Ill. On Feb. 26; Paducah, Ken. On Feb. 28; Memphis, Tenn. on March 13; Montgomery, Ala. On April 2; Monroe, La. on April 7; and Jackson, Miss. on April 9.

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