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Arkansas’ Top Influencers 2020: Dr. Todd C. Jenkins Jr., J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc./Bowtie Leadership & Development


Known as “Dr. Bowtie Todd,” Jenkins founded Bowtie Leadership & Development, an international leadership management and professional development firm, to bring diverse people together to increase individual and organizational productivity and performance. He serves as a trainer, consultant, motivational speaker, life coach and conversationalist. 


Jenkins, a native of Columbia, S.C., and the eldest of 13, has served clients from one-on-one coaching to corporate programs at Fortune 500 companies and conference presentations before audiences of thousands. For each client, he employs his strong passions for research and practices in leadership training and development for individuals and organizations, youth services and development and intercultural conversations.  


His dynamic speaking style and proven track record of results has earned him an international clientele, including companies from Korea, Taiwan, Africa, Mexico and Brazil. Most recently, he’s the overseer of culture and inclusion strategies for J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. in Lowell. There, he helps ensure the company is providing an open and welcoming culture to all employees. 


Jenkins holds degrees from the University of South Carolina and Illinois State University and received a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Arkansas. His doctoral dissertation focused on Management, Leadership, Supervision and Retention as it Relates to the Minority and Millennium Professionals. 


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