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Daily Digest: September 2, 2019


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Marketing entrepreneur launches business show. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Legislation impacts elections. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Professors land DOD award. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Hiring companies based on qualifications, not price. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Economics Arkansas Foundation hires first director. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Entergy proposes rate increases to cover penalties. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Rogerson steps down as Little Rock chancellor. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Abortion in Arkansas. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Woodland Heights sells for more than $37 million. | Arkansas Business

Interview: Shawn Govind. | Arkansas Business

“The Fierce Courage of Anonymity.” | Arkansas Business

How to address the opioid epidemic. | Talk Business & Politics

Fifth Little Rock School District forum set. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

State house seat is up in the air. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Scott says budget needs public input and time. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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