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Daily Digest: October 4, 2019


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Social media transforms politics. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Builder in Chief: Meredith Poland is HBA-GLR boss. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Exodus event honoring Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Turkey Bowl benefits Junior Achievement. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Bain named UA Little Rock provost, executive vice chancellor. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Nick Copas elected to Baldwin & Shell board of directors. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Arkansas steels itself for flu season. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Northwest Arkansas Council adds two members. | Arkansas Money & Politics

Interview: Christina Drale. | Arkansas Business

Crain is suing Ford. |  Arkansas Business

Innovating while acting responsibly. |  Arkansas Business

Marcy Doderer shares leadership lessons. | Talk Business & Politics

Engineering firm submits plan to close hog farm. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

North Korea rejects more nuclear talks. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Don Pierce to challenge Gates for House position. | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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