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Daily Digest: December 3, 2019


Keeping the Spa City Hot: Bill Solleder Rocks Hot Springs Tourism 

Bill Solleder’s first love has always been music, and it’s seemed to play into whatever job he’s holding at the time. That includes today, where as Director of Marketing for Visit Hot Springs, he’s the Pied Piper for visitors from around the globe, leading them to the Spa City.

Today’s Hot Springs gives Solleder a lot of backup harmonies for the tourism tune he’s carrying, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, he points to a 2014 moment of devastation as the literal phoenix pyre for what visitors now see and experience. Read the full story here.


Arkansas Television Stations Sell As Part of $59.2 Million Transaction

Standard Media Group has acquired multiple television stations in Arkansas, as well as four other states, in a transaction totaling $59.2 million.

The Nashville, Tenn.-based broadcast company has bought nine television stations from Waypoint Media and Vision Communications. This acquisition includes the FOX and CBS affiliate KJNB-LD and KJNE-LD in Jonesboro. Read the full story here.

State’s largest utility-scale solar project to be built near Lake Village.

T-Mobile activates 5G network.


Trump Announces Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum from Argentina and Brazil

President Donald Trump has announced plans to place tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from Argentina and Brazil. Trump says the countries have had a negative impact on U.S. farmers due to currency devaluation.

In a Morning morning tweet, Trump said that the tariffs would go into effect “immediately.” Read the full story here.

Legislation taking effect in January 2020.



Arkansas Heart Hospital Restructures, Citing ‘Efficiency’ Measures

The Arkansas Heart Hospital is reportedly making employment changes, with Arkansas Money & Politics learning of at least one employee whose lengthy tenure for the organization recently came to an end.

According to the hospital, any job displacements are not lay offs, but rather, standard restructuring. Read the full story here.

Arkansas joins the fight to diagnose and treat PANS.


The Stradivarius of Turkey Calls

An Arkansan you probably don’t know about was responsible for a lot of the turkey that made it to the Thanksgiving table a hundred-twenty years ago.

That was long before Arkansas became the Number 3 producer of turkeys in the United States. Did you know that every Butterball turkey that shows up at Thanksgiving in the United States came from Arkansas? Read the full story here.

UA Division of Agriculture hosting winter production meetings.


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