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The Benefits of VPNs for Businesses

When you think about online security services that can benefit businesses, virtual private networks (VPNs) might not be the first technology to come to mind.

VPNs, which let users access private networks even when operating on a public network, are beneficial tools for privacy and safety in the online age.  By disguising your IP address and securely taking advantage of public networks, you can work with confidence no matter what network you’re on.

Since online security is an absolute must for today’s businesses, you may need to consider using a VPN.  Here are some of the main benefits of VPNs for businesses:

Improved flexibility

Telecommuting to work is quickly becoming the new normal.  To do this, an employee needs to be able to access their workplace’s private network.

Employees who can work from anywhere are a huge boon to a company’s productivity.  However, the uncertain risks of network security are enough to make most businesses hesitate to let employees work from anywhere but the office.

Travel is required for many companies, but it’s unsafe for employees to log in to work services on unsecured public networks—such as airport, hotel, or coffee shop Wi-Fi—where cyber criminals could be lurking.

To allow employees to get work done safely while traveling, businesses should invest in VPNs.  A VPN can provide the business with flexibility and security in one fell swoop.

Client security

When you collect data from your customers, they want to have some peace of mind, too.  VPNs are a valuable asset for data security for the customer-facing end of a business as well as behind the scenes.  Letting your customers know that you’ve got their back security-wise is always a good idea.

VPNs can help with customer peace of mind in another way, too: when you’re overseas and need to communicate with a client, that client might not trust an email that seems to be coming from a different country.  With a VPN, however, you can keep your clients comfortable by sending emails that appear to be from your home country.

Overseas access

While thinking about traveling overseas, consider this: can your employees access everything they need online to get their work done when they’re in another country?

Since some sites and services are blocked in other countries, it can be difficult for a company to keep functioning while its employees are abroad.  That’s where a VPN can help—with it, you can appear to be in the US, letting you access what you need no matter which country you’re in.

Cost effectiveness

Most VPNs are purchased in monthly packages and can be adjusted to fit your business’s needs regarding speed and scale.  Some of those packages start at just dollars a month.

VPNs are so affordable that there’s not much reason for a business not to get one—especially when you factor in the potential time lost by employees who are unable to get their work done because of network restrictions.

To conclude, virtual private networks aren’t just for spoofing your location to access geographically-locked content, or to fool sites with a false IP address.  They offer an added level of security when operating on any network—particularly unsecured ones.

If you think your Arkansas business could benefit from a VPN, or if you simply want to learn more about the best practices for online privacy and security, contact Business World today.

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