Author - Tyler Hale

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Lime Shutting Down 12 Markets, Won’t Affect Little Rock

by Tyler Hale Lime, the scooter-sharing service, is closing down in 12 markets worldwide. The service will remain operational in Little Rock, where it has a contract with the city. The company is also laying off approximately 100 employees, or 14 percent of its workforce. The 12 markets that will...

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SWEPCO Agrees to Close Louisiana Power Plant

by Tyler Hale Southwestern Electric Power Co. (SWEPCO) is looking to phase out its Dolet Hills Power Plant, located near Mansfield La. The company, a subsidiary of American Electric Power (AEP), has requested regulatory approval to close the power plant by the end of 2026. The closing will be part...

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Arkansas Levee Task Force Presents Final Report

by Tyler Hale Gathered in the Governor’s Conference Room at the State Capitol, state officials and members of the Arkansas Levee Task Force today formally presented the final report and recommendations on the state’s levee system. Following record flooding in Arkansas in May and June 2019, Gov...