Author - Mark Carter

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A Day in the Life of Trey Biddy

by Mark Carter In December 2019, Trey Biddy of graced the cover of Arkansas Money & Politics. AMP profiled Biddy, publisher of the popular Razorbacks team site on the CBS-owned 247Sports digital network, and took a look at how team sites like his are balancing fandom and proper...

January 2020 Magazine

2020 Vision

I won’t reveal his true identity, but a certain friend of AMP — let’s call him John — came up with a brilliant tagline the other day in the parking lot. Well, more like a few days before Christmas, but it was genius nonetheless.   “2020,” he offered in a moment of inspiration:...

December 2019 Magazine Opinion

Good Timing, If For All The Wrong Reasons

by Mark Carter Trey Biddy’s inclusion in our magazine couldn’t have come at a better time. Well, I suppose the Hogs making an SEC title run on their way to a national championship would’ve been better. But right now, Razorback football is the talk of the town, if for all the wrong reasons...