Magazine September 2019

Association Roundup: A Look At The Professional Organizations In Arkansas Behind The Business


by Tristan Bennett

Associated Builders and Contractors of Arkansas 


Contributing to an in-state construction boom and helping prepare its members for the future is the mission of the Arkansas chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors of America.


Bill Roachell, ABC Arkansas chapter president, says his group seeks to help its non-union members get work and then deliver that work safely and profitably for their communities through training and education.


“Our overall goal is to train the next generation of our workforce and to make sure we have people who can continue on the work of the craftsmen who are retiring, while making sure we provide good benefits to our ABC members,” he says.


Roachell doubles as ABC’s local registered lobbyist with a primary focus on workforce development. 


“A segment of our industry is aging out of the workforce, and we’ve got to get people to replace them,” he says. “I also think we’ve got a perception problem with construction — most people think it’s digging a ditch, but it’s really not that way.” 


To combat that misperception, ABC is partnering with Building and Information Modeling to educate and train members to use drones and GPS systems to inspect and plan worksites. Like every trade association, ABC requires fees and provides services. 


“The fees are based on previous years’ revenue, which is a good thing,” says Roachell. “Everyone pays what’s fair for them; smaller contractors who are starting out aren’t paying the same dues structure as a Nabholz or a VCC.” 


ABC also provides member discounts with a variety of businesses and services as well as networking opportunities.


“We help subcontractors, suppliers and industry professionals rub shoulders with general contractors, and we help the general contractors find good subs. A general contractor is only as good as their subcontractors,” says Roachell.

Pulaski County Medical Society


The Pulaski County Medical Society is the largest county medical society in Arkansas, created to promote medical care, professional growth and public health.  As health-care professionals work to better the lives of Arkansans, the PCMS works to help make their job a little easier. 


PCMS Executive Director Derek Rudkin says Pulaski County doctors are facing several issues that are not easily solved.  “The increased time on electronic medical records, medication approvals and restrictive practice choices based on insurance rules are taking doctors time away from patients,” he says. 


Also, an encroachment by other health-care professionals is causing rising concerns with doctors, according to Rudkin. “There are other health-care professionals who want to provide the same treatment as a medical doctor who do not have the same level of education and residency hours and do not have the same restrictions,” he notes. “This is a great concern to doctors because it affects patient care levels.”  


Legislation has been introduced in Arkansas to give full prescriptive rights to health-care professionals other than medical doctors. “The moment a case becomes complicated, you need the experience and education of a medical doctor,” says Rudkin.  


Still, Rudkin is optimistic about the future of health care.  “We are hopeful and optimistic,” he says. “Technology is leading health care in the direction of more personalized care for patients, and our hope is that doctors become more involved in the processes that impact their professions. Regardless of outcomes, we hope that patient care and physician health are considered more important than bottom lines.”



Upcoming Events

 September 6
Discussion with French Hill on Security and Economic Issues in North Asia
Sturgis Hall (Clinton School)
12 pm


September 12
Governor’s Quality Award Celebration
Marriott Hotel Ballroom
5 pm


September 12

Arkansas Minority and Women-Owned Business Matchmaking Event
iHeartMedia Metroplex
7 am


September 12
First National Bank of NWA groundbreaking
10:30 am


September 17-19
Rural RISE Summit
Pine Bluff Convention Center


September 19
10th U.S.-EU Small and Medium Enterprise Workshop
Little Rock
8:30 am – 6:30pm


September 19
“The Long Southern Strategy” discussion with Angie Maxwell and Todd Shields
Sturgis Hall (Clinton School)
6 pm


September 30
United States Supreme Court Update
Sturgis Hall (Clinton School)
12 pm

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