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Arkansas’ Top Influencers 2020: Ali Krisht, M.D., Arkansas Neuroscience Institute

ali krisht

With the opening of the CHI St. Vincent Arkansas Neuroscience Institute in Sherwood, central Arkansas is firmly implanted among the top neurological treatment centers in the United States. And behind this cutting-edge facility is a physician of equally impressive stature, acclaimed neurosurgeon Ali Krisht, M.D.. 


Krisht, who leads ANI’s world-class team of neurosurgeons, is also a leader in research, new techniques and training, who stands among the top 1 percent of neurosurgeons in the nation. So, when Harvard started recruiting him, CHI St. Vincent asked what it would take to keep him in Arkansas. Krisht outlined his vision for what would become ANI, and the wheels were set in motion.


The center, which opened in June 2019, allows human brain mapping and provides training for neurosurgeons from across the nation and around the world to develop the necessary skills to tackle the most complex cases. A decade in the making, the center is the culmination of a $30-million project to develop neurosurgery, education and research facilities in central Arkansas.  


Today, patients come to central Arkansas from 38 states seeking care from ANI and its state-of-the-art treatments. ANI patients with glioblastomas have a 34 percent survival rate at three years compared to a national average of 8.8. percent. 


Also in 2019, Krisht received the Herbert Olivecrona Award, commonly referred to as the Nobel Prize in Neurosurgery, awarded annually by Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. 


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